Dear King, pt. II

Laser focused on you, love


I’ve heard men say, “I’m too young to settle down” or “I’m too young to commit to just one woman,” but I’ve never heard a man say, “I don’t have time for friends, it’s too big of a responsibility” or “I’m just not ready for friendship.” A relationship between a man and woman is just a more intense friendship. Both calls for loyalty, honesty, trust, forgiveness, and so on—it’s like a best friend relationship on steroids. So, why do men have that attitude about a relationship with the woman they know is the one—a woman who is ready, willing, and able to be all that God created her to be? God will bring a woman who is ready to be a man’s wife to his doorstep. She will be prepared to love him, uplift him, and to enter into a covenant with him and God, committing to him in her promise to God. Yet, a man will still run the risk of losing her to sow his wild oats.

She could be the woman whose trust in God allows her to confidently follow your lead—choosing to walk through life with you as your Proverbs 31 woman; as the Ruth to your Boaz; and he’ll still say he's too young, as if there is a better time than the time God has chosen. I just can’t understand it. Godly marriage is a guaranteed friend, lover, and business partner; it’s doing life together as purpose partners. In a godly marriage, the possibilities are endless. It seems as though most men just don’t want to do the real work, the heavy-lifting. Instead of putting in the hard work and preparing his heart and mind for his future wife, he falls back on man’s wisdom—securing the materialistic “necessities” that God can take back from you without warning or notice.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s responsibly sweet to want to be a good provider and live a life with less financial stress; but that is no replacement for being ready God’s way—spiritually ready. Wherein preparing your heart and mind, God will provide all your needs and satisfy the desires of your heart if you just ask Him. He never said it had to be either/or. What I’m describing isn’t a fantasy or fairytale. God’s grace and favor is just that great. Your reality can be just that incredible. His word never falls short; if He said it, it shall be. God’s truth is better than man’s false reality. Don’t let worldly wisdom obstruct your view of your queen, my dear king. Don’t turn your back on your blessing—your reward.

Proverbs 5:18 tells us, “let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.”

Just food for thought. Share, Comment, Like, or whatever. Let’s learn from one another. Peace & love to all my fellow queens and our beloved kings.