Choosing Season

Upon waking up today, I made a choice—I chose to experience peace and joy. Often, we get wrapped up in society’s falsehoods. We think a new job or promotion, relationship or friendship, money, or a new look (people and materialistic things—vanity) will somehow add to our joy. Let me be the first to tell you—society (those self-made/worldly people and social media) are selling you a pipe dream. You know what? Scratch that. They’re selling you a nightmare gifted by Satan, rooted in despair and disappointment.

True peace and true joy is a choice. You either choose it, or you choose something else. Maybe that something else is heartache, anger, frustration, irritation—or whatever it is—will hold you back from receiving the blessings that come with choosing peace and joy. Let’s be very clear, there is one source for authentic, non-circumstantial peace and joy, and that source is Jesus.

Can money make your life easier? Sure. Can a person, relationship, or external gift add to your day-to-day happiness? Put a new twinkle your eyes? Create a refreshed look and a make smile grace your face? Or, make laughter sound more lively? Sure—of course. But, peace and joy is solely dependent on your walk with Christ. You choose Him, you choose peace and joy, and in the process, you choose you. Peace and joy is much different from the temporary happiness that these things grant.

We place so much in our next season that we get stuck in our current season, because we refuse to be present in our now. We’re constantly chasing our next. I’ve been guilty of it; but know this, if God has placed you in a specific season—even if it’s ridiculously uncomfortable, it’s for a reason. So, you might as well embrace it with open arms. Heck, greet it with a smile and a “hello.” Allow God to shift your perspective. Instead of worrying about what’s to come and allowing your current season to determine your attitude for the day, week, year and so forth, choose peace and joy. Anything added to your situation or taken away should never dictate whether you choose peace and joy for the day.

When it comes to money, He can take it away a whole lot quicker than it took for you to get your hands on it. A marriage, relationship, or friendship can come crumbling down so quickly that it will leave you dizzy and lost. That car you cherish, can be destroyed in a matter of seconds. Your body that you spend so much time perfecting can unexpectedly fall ill or get injured. Or, how about if you only receive two out of three of the things on your list of desires? Then what? Are you going to still appreciate those other two blessings? Or, are you going to be too distracted with the one thing you’re missing—or think you’re missing?  

You see, nothing in this life is guaranteed. Being a Christian doesn’t give you exclusive rights to a rich lifestyle, an easy marriage, lots of friends, and so on. But, being a Christian does give you exclusive rights to internal peace and joy through every situation, every blessing, every lesson, every addition, and every subtraction.

As Christians, we’re so blessed—we’re blessed to be able to say that nothing in this world can make or break us because Jesus has our backs! We’re blessed to walk in fear of no man. Most importantly, we’re blessed to know Him before our time is up. I’m telling you, we are too blessed to not bask in the peace and joy our God promised us.

Together, let’s read, meditate on, and pray Romans 15:13 over ourselves: “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

So, ladies and gents, let’s give in to Him. It’s choosing season, and I’m choosing Him—I’m choosing a peace of mind and a joyous heart and spirit. I hope you do the same.


Until next time,